We have always had in-house machining capabilities, but in 2017 we expanded our machining department in order to meet the demands of our increasing growth. We not only provide machining as a secondary operation on the parts we produce, we also provide this as a stand-alone service.
(2) HAAS Vertical Milling Machines (VF4SS)

  • 612,000 RPM, 30 HP, 50x20x25
  • 1400 IPM Travel Speed
  • 300 PSI Thru Coolant Spindle
  • 24 Tool Side Mount Tool Changer
  • Wireless Probing System / Tool Offset
We also have the following equipment
  • Clausing lathe, 4 foot, 15” swing
  • (2) Bridgeport milling machines
  • (2) Clausing drill presses with variable speed
  • Set of 4 Delta Adjustable Gang drills with tapping heads
  • Acer-fully automatic surface grinder
  • (2) Sharp Milling Machine, 10”x50” table / 18”x30” travel 3hp 4500 RPM spindle
We listen to the demands from our customers, they want products quickly, on-time, and of excellent quality. As we continue to grow, we continuously update our technology, our processes, and we hire the right people. We will always offer quick lead times, guaranteed on-time delivery, and the highest quality standards in the industry. That, you can count on.

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